Homestead Records, 1986; LP
Recorded by Geoff Keehn at Carnegie Hill Studios, NYC
Produced by Albert Garzon              

                  1A     San Diego           
                  2A     Gordian/Love Knot                
                  3A     Concord              
                  4A     Until Now            
                  5A     Trouble Net                  
                  6A     M.V. Augusta               
                  1B     Fontaine Ferry             
                  2B     In a Glass House          
                  3B     Camp Folk           
                  4B     War Is (The Health of the State)              
                  5B     Good Life            
                  6B     The Haunting of Rocky Face Ridge

Tim Harris (bass, guitar, vocals), Tara Key (guitars, vocals), Wolf Knapp (bass, vocals), Sean Mulhall (drums, mouth harp), Danna Pentes (violin)

Doug Maxson (cover art), Chris Carroll (back cover photo)


Homestead Records, 1986;  7” vinyl
Recorded by Geoff Keehn at  Carnegie Hill Studios, NYC
Produced by Albert Garzon
Players same as “Elba

Doug Maxson (cover art)

“RAIN” by Lennon-McCartney




“IN A GLASS HOUSE” on THE WAILING ULTIMATE                                               
Homestead Records compilation, 1987; 2xLP, cassette
From Music From Elba (personnel same as Elba)