Homestead Records, 1994;  CD

Tracks 1-2, 8-9 recorded by Fred Brockman / produced by Lyle Hysen and Antietam at Snacktime Studios, Hoboken

Tracks 3-7, 10 recorded by James Murphy / produced by JM and Antietam at Plantain Studios, Brooklyn

1    Hands Down
2    What She Will
3    Pine
4    Certain Muse
5    Hardly Believe
6    Graveyard
7    Rope-a-Dope
8    Leave Home
9    Betwixt
10  Silver Solace


Tim Harris (bass, vocals), Tara Key (guitar, vocals, piano), Josh Madell (drums, vocals)   

All songs by Antietam except "Graveyard" by Fred Cole/Dead Moon Music  

All art by Tara Key 



C/Z Records compilation, 1993; CD                                 

Recorded by James Murphy at Plantain Studios, Brooklyn

Personnel same as on Rope-a-Dope