Homestead Records, 1985; LP

Recorded by Robert "A Delicate Balance" Miller at Water Music, Hoboken

1A              Good Kirk, Bad Kirk                  
2A              Orange Song                  
3A              BMW            
4A              Red, Black & Blue                    
5A             Shot in the Dark            
6A              New Crime            
7A              Gospel According to John B.              
1B              Extra Dry              
2B              Don't Go Back to Greenville              
3B              Shively Spleen               
4B              The Latest            
5B              Mikey                    
6B              Ready, Swing                 
7B              Unhappiness Diminishes Intelligence                 


Tim Harris (bass, guitar, vocals), Tara Key (guitar, vocals), Wolf Knapp (bass, guitar,vocals), Mike Weinert (drums, vocals)   

Cover by Tara Key