FEBRUARY 20, 2011

Welcome to the Year of Tenth Life.

It's gonna be hard to wait until May 10th to have ya'll sneak a peek so stay tuned. We will post a couple of tunes a little further down the line. Maybe as a sign of spring? In the meantime, here is a link to a YouTube channel where you can see and hear 2 songs from the record live-style and the version of the Star Spangled Banner that I recorded as well.


Stay tuned to the Antietam channel at YouTube for more video soon.

The word is getting out on Double Star, TK's new Thrill Jockey release with Rick Rizzo. TK could not be more pleased than to have it called both a rock and a country record! Here are links to a couple of swell reviews and to the Thrill Jockey site where you can read a manifesto and hear a tune. Please also consider supporting our friends at Other Music and Saki Store by picking it up. 500 copies on vinyl or digital download. Included with the vinyl is a download card for the digital tracks as well as the bonus EP, Noisy Attic, with 3 improvised cuts by Rizzo, Key and Tim Harris.




Last but not least--I thought I was just going to see Mofungo. Amy Rigby and Wreckless Eric and YLT one Hanukkah night and I ended up on stage for several tunes: Barnaby, Hardly Working-Styles Of the Times and Stockholm Syndrome! NYC Taper has a download of the set available here: http://www.nyctaper.com/?p=4487

Photo by Liz Clayton


OCTOBER 25, 2010

This has been an incredibly busy summer and fall for the Antietam 3. We have been working hard on finishing our record (title TBA) at Seaside Lounge with Josh Clark at the helm once again.

What does it sound like? I'd say some words I would use would be: taut, terse, fervent, insistent, punchy. Tim's bass, in my humble opinion, is singing on this one. Absolutely percolating. And Madell is nailing it to the wall. TK guitar--JC has tuned it in so brilliantly that the crackle is leaping out of the fire pit onto tape. Can you tell I'm excited?

I was asked by WNYC's Studio 360 with Kurt Andersen to participate in their series American Icons. This episode was about Jimi Hendrix's Woodstock performance. I spoke with producer David Krasnow about Jimi and his influence on me, about the performance itself, and then I jammed my own version of the Star-Spangled Banner for the program. I was later encouraged to create a video performance of the piece for the WNYC American Icons site and I was excited to do so.

So, the program will run on November 18th and will be streamed at WNYC's site, along with my video. My mother tells me that from the time I was an infant up to about 2 years old, I would never let her go to sleep until, as we rocked in the rocker together, I would see the American Flag on TV and hear the National Anthem. My movie is my tribute to analog TV's sign-off protocol. (Remember a time before all-night infomercials...?) I will be posting a link to the video soon. Here is a link to the program page:


So, yours truly TK and Rick Rizzo have finished our record!

It is called Double Star and it is due on Thrill Jockey Records near the end of February. We had an awesome mixing weekend at the Seaside Headquarters and Josh Clark supplied some monster drums to many of the tracks. Also appearing on the record are Tim and Peter Walsh. There are 10 tracks on the vinyl/digital download only release, plus, on the digital front, an additional 3 tracks called "Noisy Attic" which were real time transmissions from Rizzo, Key and Harris. More soon when Thrill Jockey releases more details.

Antietam also rode again this year to raise funds for MS. It's never too late to make a donation. An alarming number of friends and family have had their lives touched in a direct or indirect way by MS, so I figure while I have the privilege of good health the least I can do is ride 30 miles for the cause.


MAY 20, 2010

UM. Right. OK. It's been awhile. But it's not as we we've been idle! Just.....not updating the website. Apologies, kind audience. But here I am and, first, there is a great show on the horizon for all you New Yorkers!

It was a stellar outing

We have played two super super fun shows recently. The Bruar Falls show with Mr. Brett Ralph, his band, the Kentucky Chrome Review, and the Undeciders - what a great night! Honestly, on that rainy Sunday night in Brooklyn we were all in the best version of the back room of Anybar, USA imaginable. And the whole night felt like a big, warm hug. Kentucky was in the house, clearly, so this meant--DANCING to Antietam! I had such a swell time chatting with Mr. Hunter, Mr. Loewenstein...much love all around. This shot of Tim is by Brett Ralph. Also go here to check out his latest book.

KY in the house!

Then there was Derby Eve. I can't think of anyone I'd rather spend it with than Rope. Josh Clark's crew were, well, just amazing! The guitars (3) weave and helix and split off and go sit in opposite corners then call and respond and twine again. Love it! And it was so great to hear the Radical Dads and make their acquaintance. Look out for them - go see them. I hope to play together again! We pushed the baby songs out on the stage again, more of them this time. Baby loves the spotlight! I love this moment in time when they are so new and still growing as they come out of my hands and mouth...Derby Day not so good on the betting front again this year...but the shot of Eagle Rare before the set I had was quite good. I never have had that before....

And what better to do on the third day, after a glorious Derby Eve gig and a fabulous Derby Party?...hop on a plane and go to Barcelona. Tim and I took off for one of our favorite spots on earth, and the theme of this trip was Modernisme wizard Josep Jujol. Pictures, in general, of many places, people and things will be hitting the website this summer (some for sale if, um, anyone wants). For now, here's one of Jujol's most amazing creations in St. Joan Despi - the Torre de la Creu.



Finally, we are looking to a busy July and August, during which time both the Rizzo/Key record and the Antietam record will be mixed at the Seaside Lounge. More about that later. Later is soon--your webmaster promises!


MARCH 15, 2010

The Chessie Hit Factory has been busy in the last month. Rick Rizzo visited for a weekend and the next Rizzo/Key disc tightened up in focus with a fall release set on Thrill Jockey. It's always nice to do the long distance convo, but even better in person, even though Artic conditions prevailed at Chessie Remote. You would think the boy would come from Chicago braced for those wicked Lake-style winds, but we had to take a break from recording to get him some protective gear. And take breaks when our hands were going numb.

Rizzo is freezing!

Key made a trip out to the Seaside Lounge to play on a tune by PG6. They have been recording with Josh Clark and the tracks are stunning. Mr. Gubler and crew, well they got soul in spades and we can't wait for the record to come out.

Work is progessing on the next Antietam record...stay tuned. I (Key) just have to smile whenever I hear this batch of paens. We will be sharing quite a few of them at our next two NYC area shows.

JANUARY 23, 2010

Check out our producer Josh Clark's appearance as a loving caretaker of analog sound on Forbes.com today!

JANUARY 13, 2010

Finally, the site has launched. We have a lot to say, so expect updates soon and often. The other big news at camp Antietam is that we have started recording a new album at the Seaside Lounge for release some time this year.

Recently we played on a bill at Maxwell's to support Terry Karydes in her struggle with Parkinson's disease. It was such a fun night, including sets from the Individuals, the Schramms, Dennis Diken and harmonizing crew, James Mastro in a couple of guises, Freedy Johnston closing the night on energetic, hard-strumming acoustic, Kate Jacobs, George Usher, Elena and Boo and the incomparably foul-mouthed diva Tammy Faye Starlight. It was great to see our old friend Jared Nickerson play his bass (effortlessly and authoritatively) again in a couple of combos; he deserves big props for getting the show together and making it run so well. And thanks to Terry for showing me what true life bravery is like.

A little earlier this fall Antietam took to the streets to ride for Team Agoraphone/Other Music in the Bike MS event. Fellow team member Andre Theisen caught the three of us as we came down the last leg on the Henry Hudson. I was encouraged by my stamina, having never ridden thirty some odd miles on a bike in my life!

Antietam rides for MS